General Medical Care on Vacation

Welcome to Amsterdam, 

We hope you have a great time exploring our wonderful city of Amsterdam. If you have the misfortune of feeling ill during your holiday we are here to help you so that you can go back and enjoy your holiday.  Being in a city where you don't speak the language and don't know where to go for medical care can be quite frightening.  Due to the COVID pandemic and the pressure on healthcare we currently we don't have the capacity for helping tourists.

Foreigners who stay longer because of study or work (expats) can call us / register online with us at  A'dam Doctors
Keep in mind that we keep a ZIP code policy. 

We are a team of doctors  with years of experience in General/Family Medicine and believe that even if you are in a foreign country, you should be able to get the medical care that you need. We understand that feeling ill is horrible, feeling ill while on holiday is even worse. So let us help you.

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Family Doctor & Tourist Doctor


General Medical Care for Tourists

Currently no available time slots

Spuistraat 239-c

1012 VP Amsterdam

(behind dam square)

In city centre near pharmacies & hotels.